Our Vision

Assist the agricultural crop production industry in safely, responsibly and sustainably delivering products and services to support the efforts of grower customers and enhance the well-being of the communities in which they live.

Provide honest, responsive customer service in a progressive commitment to promote sustainability and to develop community leadership.

Core Values

Accountability – As a reliable partner, we will be personally responsible for our commitments.

Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, transparency and ethics in our business dealings with employees, clients, consumers, suppliers and the public.

Motivation – In our relationships with others, we strive to develop an energy and passion for quality of life, enhanced self-esteem and productivity.

Pirkle Solutions, Inc.

Regulatory Compliance.  Operational Management.  Agency Interaction.


J. Billy Pirkle

Billy Pirkle launched Pirkle Solutions, Inc., in October 2018, bringing passion for service leadership and commitment to innovation to businesses and industry seeking expertise in regulatory compliance, operational management and agency interaction. Just as the plow has enhanced the well-being of mankind by enabling ever-improving crop yields, Pirkle Solutions, Inc. assists clients within all industries enhance their businesses to, in turn, benefit the well-being of the consumers, customers and communities they serve.

Billy’s career began in 1980 and has evolved from chemist to plant management to global leadership and responsibility for environment, health and safety at Crop Production Services, Inc., which became Nutrien Ag Solutions in 2018. He has worked for industry-leading businesses such as IMC Fertilizer, Inc., IMC Agribusiness, Inc., Royster-Clark, Inc., Simplex Nails, Interface Flooring and Combustion Engineering.

Billy also is a committed volunteer and thought leader working diligently to improve outcomes at all levels of the agricultural industry. He has served on the boards of directors for the Ag Retailers Association, Asmark Institute and the National Agronomic Environmental Health & Safety School.

Terri, his wife, and Billy enjoy their three children. On the weekend, you might find Billy in the kitchen or by the grill, as he enjoys pampering the family with a full breakfast or cooking a new recipe.


enter site levitra price in australia “Billy Pirkle is the “go to” guy for regulatory and operational issues in the agronomy industry.  His practical and proactive approach to these situations has calmed many fears and helped solve untold problems.  Billy has been a trusted resource for many years.  His relationships with decision makers at all levels of the system is a real asset in addressing some of the toughest challenges the agricultural industry has faced at the farmer, retail and distribution levels of the supply chain.”

– James Byrum, President
Michigan Agri-Business Association

“Trust Billy Pirkle with your business. In the 20 years I’ve worked in the fertilizer industry, I’ve consistently seen his level-headed professionalism and problem-solving skills benefit his employer and the industry at large. He’s demonstrated integrity, ingenuity and grit – it’s a privilege and pleasure to work with him.”

– Mary C. Hartney, President
Florida Fertilizer & Agrichemical Association

“I have worked with Billy Pirkle on environmental, health and safety matters for almost twenty years.  In his role as Senior Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, Billy provides clear and insightful direction to senior management on regulatory programs for all the company’s retail operations across the globe.  Billy is passionate about the agricultural industry and he brings this passion to every aspect of his job.  His hands-on experience and regulatory knowledge have made him a recognized ag industry leader. He has testified several times before Congress on matters of critical policy and serves as a board member and director of several important industry groups .  In my experience, because of his intellect, experience, and personality, Billy is able to offer analysis and solutions on environmental, health and safety matters that are second to none.

– Joseph M. Kellmeyer
Thompson Coburn LLP

“Billy is a true professional.  From the first moment we met in 1999, Billy demonstrated the highest level of integrity, dedication and dependability whether it be a routine promise or the largest of projects.  Unparalleled is his ability to truly listen and get to the bottom of things.  He is a person of faith, character and someone you can depend upon.”

– Allen Summers
Asmark Institute

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